Comedy – 8 Reasons I do not tell strangers that I am a meteorologist

8.  I don’t have the heart to tell someone that I don’t study meteors.

7.  People will ask me if you’ve ever meteorologized on tv.

6.  I can’t do the “a cold front is sweeping in” gesture.

5.  We work with models all day, but I still haven’t met Heidi Klum.      

4.  Groudhog’s day – Punxsutawney Phil sat next to me during graduate school and it turns out he slept through the winter quarter, and was constantly chewing on his pencils, he also was afraid to leave his dorm room because of shadows. Don’t trust him!

3.  President Trump thinks he is a meteorologist – he edits hurricane maps with sharpies.

2. “Hi! Hi! We’re your weather girls and do we have news for you!” We don’t like to be called weather girls.

1.  Someone will say, I wish I could keep my job and be wrong 15% of the time.  We are wrong 19.879% of the time.  

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