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I have a passion for teaching!  If you are looking for a tutor in Math, Science, and/or English, or prep for the ACT or SAT, I can help and even make studying fun.
Lis’ background:
  • Formal Education:
    • Princeton University – Master’s in Public Affairs
    • University of Utah – Master’s in Meteorology
    • Cornell University – Bachelor of Science (double majored in Atmospheric Science and the Science of Earth Systems with a concentration in Climate Dynamics)
  • Math and Science experience: The field of meteorology is heavily based on physics, thermodynamics, and involves calculus and high levels of math.  So, at Cornell I took four semesters of engineering math and a year of physics. My graduate programs at the University of Utah and Princeton were heavily math and physics based.
  • English: I wrote articles for Climate Central and the Satellite Educator’s Newsletter.  I even earned an A+ in a writing course at Cornell.
  • Teaching Experience: I taught college courses at the University of Utah.  These courses involved complex math and science topics.  I also taught 5th grade courses in science in Salt Lake City.  I spent two summers teaching the public as a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park and a year teaching park service staff about climate change.  I can teach young children and college students (all are welcome to learn).
Cost: Tutoring sessions are $75/hr.
Contact: Please e-mail weatheroutreach@gmail.com with the following information…
  • Subject: Tutoring Request
  • Body:
    • Your name
    • Student’s name (if different from yours)
    • Subject to be tutored
    • Preferred tutoring time(s)
    • Other information about the material that you think will be useful