Weather Outreach for Students


Make Your Own Weather Forecast!- how to look satellite and radar data, analyze local conditions and predict your current weather  

Effects of the Great Salt Lake on Weather and Climate-this pdf describes how the salt lake effects local temperatures and rain and snow amounts close to the lake

Condensation (word document)- quick lesson plan on condensation using containers and liquids


Mountain Meteorology (powerpoint)- describes the effects of mountain ranges on weather and climate


Crepuscular Rays Documents - Scattering-describes the process of scattering Sunlight-explains how sunlight reaches the earth,  Perception

What makes the wind blow? (powerpoint)- lessons about pressure, highs and lows and wind

Satellite Imagery and Computer Modeling (powerpoint)- describes how to interpret satellite images and how computer and climate models work

What is natural climate variability? powerpoint  pdf

The movie "The Day After Tomorrow," 
Real Science or Reel Science (powerpoint)-describes the facts and fiction in this movie

Lis participated in the Tropical Warm Pool International Cloud Experiment- learn more about the experiment

Australian Research, Clouds and Climate! (powerpoint for kids)- describes the Tropical Warm Pool international Cloud Experiment to young students.  It discusses instruments and current cloud research 

Australian Animal Adaptations- describes animals found in Australia and the adaptations of these animals to help them survive

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